An Afropunk Sci-Fantasy Setting

Swordsfall is a project born from a need for something more, for more diversity in the fantasy and sci-fi world. We’re not stopping there either. A fully fledged Tabletop RPG is in the works.

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21 March 2019
@OG_Captain_MEL Setting and Artbook. But...we all passed the Stretch Goal for TWO editors. So like, there's that.
21 March 2019
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21 March 2019
I'm sorry, and I'll do better. If I call myself the writer, then I should hold myself to higher standards.…
21 March 2019
@GeneMachina @RileyGryc I have two editors on board for "Welcome to Tikor". And they've both already agreed to help…
21 March 2019
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21 March 2019
@RileyGryc Perhaps. But I'm serious about Swordsfall, and I don't want anyone thinking I'm not.
21 March 2019
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21 March 2019
A Living Wiki for Tikor

World Anvil

The biggest and most vital piece to this project is a website by the name of World Anvil. This amazing site is a hosting platform for storytellers and RPG groups of all kind. On the website I’ve been able to craft and display an incredibly deep backstory to Tikor, the world Swordsfall takes place on.

The Three Pillars of Swordsfall

Take your pick; World Anvil, Book Series and/or Tabletop RPG
Ideas from Africa
An Untapped Source
A majority of fantasy and sci-fi is Eurocentric. Swordsfall is based on African mythos and cultures.
Book Series
For the world details
Part of the Swordsfall project is a number of novels written about characters from the world.
Tabletop RPG
Play the World
The final piece to the Swordsfall project is a Tabletop RPG that focuses on social engagements and intrigue. And killing things for loot, of course.
Support the creation of Swordsfall


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The eventual goal is to write Swordsfall full time. I want to be part of the wave to bring more diversity to the nerd realm. Especially one in a form that I feel like anyone can fall in love with, no matter your background, creed or sexuality. The imagination is meant to be shared with all, and I want to embody that.

How is the project going?


Swordfall is a large project that encompasses multiple elements. What’s the update?

Articles Written
A page for every question
Words Written
The world of Tikor grows
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