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A Jalen is the voice of the people. Armed with the Power of Word, they keep the stories that are never told. Bringing light to things that would normally never have seen the light of day.

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Visual Lore

Art Drops

Backer Group Shot

Art Drop | Ten Key Figures and a Bar

A group of ten of Tikor’s most Key Figures walk into a bar in Vinyata. Imagine the stories they must share. You’ll have to ask their creators!

Art Drop | Land Raiders, Afropunk Rogues

In Grimnest everyone takes care of themselves. And Land Raiders? Well, they’re the most tight-knit family around. A family that steals together.

Art Drop | The Blue Hollow

The source of Hawklore’s wealth largely sits in one place. The Blue Hollow. What does this inlet Azurean mine look like?

Art Drop | Tasha Davis

This Art Drop is another of the Key Figures from our Welcome to Tikor Kickstarter! The idea was fun and the art looks amazing!

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Welcome to Tikor Updates

Giraffe And Giraffids

Art Drop | Giraffes and Giraffids

Where there are tall trees there are of course the tall animals that feed off them! Welcome to the long bois of Swordsfall, giraffes and giraffids.

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Drift of Dreams Updates

The Lovers Tarot Card

Tarot Card | The Lovers

The Sixth card in the Drift of Dreams Tarot Deck is done! The Lovers. Twin cosmic elements locked in an embrace.

High Priestess Tarot Card

Tarot Card | The High Priestess, Mime

Tarot art extraordinaire FluorescentWolf, has finished up the design of another card! This one is the High Priestess card, starring none other than the Divinity of Wisdom, Mime!

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Tikor's Finest Achievements


World Anvil | Sentrylocks

The tattooed guardians that protect the Crystal Priest and guard the Independent Freeland of Teslan. Read the lore article on these unique guardians.

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On Story

Tikor's Lore

outskirts vinyata banner

World Anvil | Outskirts of Vinyata

The Western Edge of Central Vinyata. I had time to get another World Anvil Summer Camp 2019 prompt out. For this one, I wanted to travel to Vinyata and show off that region more.

dreamweaver worldanvil banner

World Anvil | Dreamweaver

Time for some lore via World Anvil! This time we talk about the illustrious profession, Dreamweavers! The protectors of the slumbering citizens of Tikor.

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Summit of Kings

Summit of Kings Logo

The Summit of Kings is a 2 – 4 player one-shot TTRPG set in the Swordsfall universe. Play as a Jalen at the biggest tournament for the profession in the world. Will you be crowned the Wordsmith?

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