Swordsfall Art Drop
    2 weeks ago

    Art Drop | The See’er, Oracles of the Future

    Tucked within the snow of the Adras Mountains, the See'er act as the Oracles of the Future. The silent oracles of the north see all.
    Swordsfall Art Drop
    3 weeks ago

    Art Drop | The See’er World Tree

    Not everyone believes that Ishvana crafted Tikor, chief among them the See'er. They instead believe that it was the mythical Divine Entity Ro'og crafted Tikor, and the World Tree birthed life.

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    Member Exclusives

      5 days ago

      Member Exclusive | Ida “Barrage” Black & White Clean Lineart

      The rise of the Ida "Barrage" is almost here as Enmanuel cleans up the sketch to perfection. The black &…
      1 week ago

      Member Exclusive | Matan R-2 Concept Sketch #2

      The construction of the Matan R-2 continues as artist Enmanuel Martinez unveils the second stage of the Ramnos walking tank.
      1 week ago

      Member Exclusive | The Matan R-2 Concept Sketches

      The Kingdom of Ramnos has developed a new type of vehicle. An all-terrain vehicle suited for any environment. Come see…
      3 weeks ago

      Member Exclusive | The Tower Tarot Card Concept Sketch

      The Tower represents extreme change and sometimes upheaval. What does that look like on Tikor? The destruction of a cultural…
      3 weeks ago

      Member Exclusive | The Devil Tarot Card Concept Sketches

      The Devil is a card of misfortune, who better to be that than Xavian. What does the first threat to…
      4 weeks ago

      Member Exclusive | Death Tarot Card Concept Sketch

      On Tikor death is just the beginning, and the Death tarot card represents that. What was the idea behind it…
      4 weeks ago

      Member Exclusive | Temperance Black & White Concept Sketch

      When it comes to tempering the soul and spirit, no one does quite like a Forgewhisperer. Come see the beginnings…
      August 27, 2020

      Member Exclusive | Wheel of Fortune Concept Sketches

      The Wheel of Fortune is about a balance and cycle. What does it look like to build a cosmic balance?…
      August 20, 2020

      Member Exclusive | Raksha Color Concept

      Some Nightmares come in simple shades, and others come in full color. The Raksha begins to take shape in color…
      August 19, 2020

      Member Exclusive | Drift Of Dreams Chapter 3, Concept Art

      The Kelim have started to sense something foul in the Tapestry. Dreams are changing somehow...what exactly is going on? A…
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