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A Look Inside The Fifth Ebon Expedition, a Swordsfall RPG Campaign Setting

A Preview for a Journey

Story Highlights
  • A Swordsfall Campaign Setting
  • Themes of Horror and Exploration

The time to journey to the Ebon Cascade draws near as the Fifth Ebon Expedition prepares for departure. So what can you expect from the next Swordsfall campaign setting? Crafting, mechs, and the full Swordsfall RPG system, that’s what.

The Full RPG System

The biggest thing about Fifth Ebon Expedition is the beginning of what will be the standard book model for Swordsfall RPG books. In most other properties, the rules for the RPG are kept in one book, also known as the “corebook.” For Swordsfall, it works a little bit differently.

Starting with Fifth Ebon Expedition and going forth, the campaign settings will all have the complete ruleset in each book. The goal is for each campaign setting to carry itself on its own and really focus on what the campaign book is trying to accomplish and show in play, all with everything you need for it in the book. You won’t need another book to know how to roll or do damage.

And instead, the main Swordsfall “corebook” is more of a book with all the various rules and systems to create your own Campaign on Tikor. It will be more of a toolkit to create your own custom campaign rather than just the rules.

9 of the 36 Professions

Swordsfall has several classes, or as their called, Professions. In fact, the RPG currently has 36 Professions to explore, all of which will be in the Swordsfall RPG book. However, in Swordsfall, the professions are more than just a small collection of abilities. They have their own unique history and lore along with their abilities. You’ve already been introduced to the Jalen via the Summit of Kings, and in Fifth Ebon Expedition, you’ll meet another 9 of the professions.

Like Summit of Kings, the Fifth Ebon Expedition contains the primary Professions connected to the campaign adventure. However, if you have other Swordsfall campaign books, or in the future, the main book, you’d be able to use any of the other Professions as well.

The included Professions for Fifth Ebon Expedition are;

  • Celestial Shield
  • Diviner
  • Ellementalist
  • Ethershifter
  • Forgewhisperer
  • Griot
  • Spirit Medium
  • Sunu
  • Trakker

These are the full classes and the same that will be in the future RPG book (minus any future balance changes that come from the release).

Introduction to Crafting

Fifth Ebon Expedition will also include the crafting system for Swordsfall, nicknamed the Infinite Forge. The Forgewhisperer profession largely revolves around using the Infinite Forge. However, any character can craft something. But the dedicated crafting classes like Forgewhisperer and Ellementalist have abilities that enhance crafting above what other characters could do.

Vehicles and Mechs, Oh My!

A trek to a forsaken land wouldn’t be complete without equipment to get you there, and in Fifth Ebon Expedition, we introduce two large pieces of tech. Ida’s, and the Matan R-2. The Ida’s are the main mechs in Swordsfall, our own version of the iconic Gundam’s. In Fifth Ebon Expedition, there are three different Ida’s that you’ll have access to; Sabertooth, Barrage, and Shroud. Each Ida type is unique and serves its own purpose.

The other vehicle is the Matan R-2 walking tank. While the Matans are specialized for their role, the Matan is a tank meant for scouting and general use. It can hold a crew of five, and its mobile treads allow it to go over almost any terrain.

These powerful vehicles are meant to help the characters survive the horrors waiting for them in the Ebon Cascade.

The matan R 2 web - A Look Inside The Fifth Ebon Expedition, a Swordsfall RPG Campaign Setting
The Matan R-2. Art by Enmanuel Martinez

The Campaign: The Fifth Ebon Expedition

The rules, crafting system, professions, and vehicles all add up as pieces to the meat of the book, the Campaign. The current ruler of the Kingdom of Ramnos, King Matan Longisus, has ordered a new journey to the cursed lands to their east. The previous four expeditions have all ended in failure and death. But with new technology at hand, the time has never been better to try again.

The Campaign is split into three Parts, with each one containing a number of missions. The expedition is headed up by Amarey Hambo and her leadership team. The player characters will be assigned Missions by Amarey or the situation. Some missions contain choices that the players must make, changing the potential outcome of the expedition.

The theme of the Campaign is one of survival. The Ebon Cascade is perhaps the most dangerous place on Tikor, and the dangers are unknown. From the first Mission, death is a possibility, and with each one, the stakes grow higher. Fifth Ebon Expedition is designed a bit like a roguelike video game. The goal is to make it to the end of the Campaign alive. Rather than handwaving player deaths, it’s encouraged to let the consequences play out.

And if the whole party dies? Then it’s time for a new session. Whether you restart it from the beginning of the Mission or Part is up to the group, though much like the Mass Effect games, its early choices that affect later ones. So restarting the Mission may not always solve the problem if it came from an earlier choice. Though with the Swordsfall Cinematic System, it’s entirely possible to get a different result.

Profession Previews Upcoming

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be showing off each of the Professions usable in the Fifth Ebon Expedition. If you’re a Tikor’s Finest member, you’ll be seeing the various abilities for the Professions throughout the coming weeks, as well as access to the beta version of the rules!

Be sure to check out Role, the new platform, and storefront where Fifth Ebon Expedition is a digital exclusive!


Creator and Author of Swordsfall. He's a longtime omni-nerd who grew up during the classic days of Toonami, TechTV, and Transformers. However, as a black man in the hobby, he found himself longing for more stories that told the adventures of people that looked like him. Creating Swordsfall has not only been an effort to be the change he wanted to see but also as his own personal journey.

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