Art Drop | Celestial Shield Invocations

The Seven Forms

While the Star Shield is what most people know Celestial Shields for, it’s their Pangool fueled Invocations that make them so mighty. What do they look like?

Tumo Mere has finished art for the Celestial Shields and their god fueled powers. And wow, what a sight they are!

The Celestial Shields are the Big Damn Heroes of Swordsfall. Not the only heroes mind you, but from top to bottom a Celestial Shield is trained to BE that person. The one who rushes headlong into battle to save others. A symbol of courage and integrity. And usually the town’s biggest softy.

It’s these deity fueled Invocations that give Celestial Shields the tools to be a hero in every area. The profession originates with the See’er people of Garuda and all the Celestial Shield schools reside within there area. Each of these schools has the same curriculum but centers around a different Pangool god. Almost always the one closest to them.

This is for one simple but important reason. The Pangool gods, unlike most, don’t reside on the mortal plane. Contact with them can only be made at their personal temples. How many Pangool gods are not even the See’er know, because all their temples haven’t been recovered yet. Currently, seven temples have been discovered which make up the 7 distinct Invocations they possess.

Celestial Shield Invocations

  • Engolum – Hardiness & Iron Grip
  • Tiurakh – Extreme Luck
  • Takhar – Deflect/Reflect Damage
  • Lagan – Heighten Senses & Reaction Time
  • Mindiss – Targettable Protection Bubble
  • Noxona – Burst of Super Speed/Strength
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The Art

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5 days ago

how many Celestial shields fail the final rite? Showing no fear to being cut, I don’t think I’d fair well

4 days ago

Amazing art and lore. Mindiss ♡♡♡

4 days ago

Love the final versions

4 days ago

I would totally choose this profession, damn these look cool… Is it possible to favourite posts on the website?



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