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Art Drop | Ida, the Mech of Swordsfall

Human Meets Mech

It’s here! Our first mech in the land of Tikor. Designed by the art master Enmanuel Martinez! It just looks SO FRIGGING GOOD.

Some lore on this glorious mech, shall we? This is an Ida. A large “walker type” combat unit. These massive machines require the combined skills of Forgewhisperers, Ellementalists and Crystal Priests to construct. A true group effort where it takes multiple skillsets to make it happen.

These mechs are custom essentially custom-built for the pilot. Each one tweaked to the pilot’s body and reaction time. The bulk of the functions of the Ida (or Id as they’re commonly referred to) are handled by a system known as the Super E.G.O. 

The Super E.G.O is a living program that acts as it’s the central nervous system, connecting the pilot to the mech at a subconscious level. While anyone can pilot an Ida, the longer the system connects with the pilot, the better the connection is.

With enough time, pilots talk about becoming one with with the mech, leaving only the pilot and the Ida. It’s at this fusion that turns the mech from a lumbering machine to a lethal weapon.

Veteran pilots are often called Egos, having blended human and machine.

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The Art

If you’re a Member, check out the Mech Concept Art!

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Hnnnnnng. Have I mentioned I love this mech? It’ll be my second husband.

Kalvin Gearhart

this is so cool i cant wait for more!!!!

Kalvin Gearhart

Oh I know. You are always working on something

Kalvin Gearhart

true facts




I’m very interested in more mechs you know. More mechs and mech lore please!


so what I’m hearing is, a pilot could possibly say that their’s is the Ida which will pierce the heavens?


I’m still payched about the Id, Ego, and Superego. It’s such a great conceptualization for both players and from an in game lore standpoint.



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