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Art Drop | Inside DOME

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You’ve seen the inside, but what does it look like inside a DOME? The answer is, majestic. Sabina Lewis has conjured an inside look at these desert oases.

- Art Drop | Inside DOME

Welcome to an city limits of a DOME! The Outside Dome piece gives a sense of what it is, but not how huge these cities REALLY rare.

Well, we now have an inside look at a city itself. You can get a better sense of scale in terms of buildings. It really is a modern city contained inside of an ultra high tech dome.

The architecture isn’t metal however, to help mitigate temperatures most of the buildings are made of a blend of super-hardened sand blocks. This piece of wonder was brought forth by Forgewhisperers, much like the DOME’s themselves.

The large windows have a field that helps reflect the most harmful UV rays and radiation from the two suns. You can see that in the little purple twinge to the windows.

When it comes to how they construct their cities, the Dracon really have careful thought each one out. Their goal is for the DOME’s to outlive them all.

What do you think of the inside look at a DOME? Leave a comment down below!

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- Art Drop | Inside DOME


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