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Art Drop | Kalífídi

Harmony in Balance

Story Highlights
  • Art by Enmanuel Martinez
  • Backer Cassie Murray

Harmony and balance can mean many things across Tikor. For some that comes in the form of rebirth, with the deity Kalífídi.

Artist Enmanuel Martinez brings us another Backer Deity from Welcome to Tikor, this time in the form of a deity of harmony. Kalífídi is a deity who cares not just for the land but the people on it. The harmony comes in the form of understanding cooperation. That together they can work better than separately. The kind of deity who cares over the birth of humans and plants.

What Did The Backer Say About This Deity?

A Deity of Tikor – What is the name of your deity? Kalífídi

A Deity of Tikor – What is there gender (None/Asexual are acceptable answers as well!) Female

A Deity of Tikor – There Preferred Pronouns She/Her

A Deity of Tikor – What are the Domains they’re associated with? (Sun, Healing, Water, Birth, etc) Healing, Harmony, Fertility, Life

A Deity of Tikor – Name TWO memorable things they have done or have been apart of. 1. Bringing regrowth and fertile life to an either barren, or burned land. 2.

A Deity of Tikor – Where on Tikor do they consider home? I think probably Garuda, or another land lush with life.

A Deity of Tikor – What are their “powers”? (Please don’t be too OP) Blessings of safe childbirth, healthy crop yields, and the ability to accellerate natural healing processes of both animal and plant life.

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The Art

Kalifidi web - Art Drop | Kalífídi


Creator and Author of Swordsfall. He's a longtime omni-nerd who grew up during the classic days of Toonami, TechTV, and Transformers. However, as a black man in the hobby, he found himself longing for more stories that told the adventures of people that looked like him. Creating Swordsfall has not only been an effort to be the change he wanted to see but also as his own personal journey.

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