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In Grimnest everyone takes care of themselves. And Land Raiders? Well, they’re the most tight-knit family around. A family that steals together. But still a family.

Swordsfall Lead Artist Tumo Mere has finished the keyart for another Profession, this time the Land Raiders of Grimnest. I know I keep saying this, but this is one of my favorite pieces! The jacket on the tallest Land Raider is just so damn good. Tumo is going to make me go out and find fashion designers and stuff…

So, what’s a Land Raider? Let’s talk about it cause they’re a bit different from what you may intentionally think. The first thing to know about Land Raiders is they are a family first. While many other professions ar about the structure and order, this one is born out of situation and loyalty.

This comes primarily from the fact that Land Raiders are all orphans, runaways and other kids who have been left on the edges by life. Since Grimnest has no central government there is no structured system for taking care of kids who fall on hard times. Land Raiders are all about building a real home and family for any kid who needs a place.

Grimnest is not a cruel place, but it is a place that keeps on moving even if you fall down. Land Raiders aim to catch up by any means necessary. Dealing in information is there primary source of income and power. After all, no one pays much attention to the kid in the room. People tell secrets to teens they think can’t use the information.

The Glimmers and Tricks that they use always helps even up the situation. From hoodies that turn them invisible to full-on impersonation, these crafty Grimm have a bag full of tricks inside a bag of tricks.

Hoodies of Power.
Family of Thieves.

Yellow Border

The Art

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4 days ago

The jacket looks soooo good; I mean, all of Tumo’s designs look epic!

It would be awesome to see Swordsfall fashion in the shop one day ;D

4 days ago

‘hoodies of power’ is my new favourite sentence

3 days ago

Tumo knocks it out of the park again. Also “Hoodies of Power” sounds like it has alot of potential as new merch

3 days ago

Tumo’s art is always so good, but this is my favorite yet, I think. So much personality and difference of style between the three figures. And the colors? *Chef Kiss*

Is the name of this profession a subtle hint that should their Glimmers and Tricks fail the Land Raiders still have a Twin-Linked Lascannon to back them up?

1 day ago

This is a profession that I see amazing rp potential.



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