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Art Drop | Outside DOME

Desert Oasis

Sabina Lewis has finished one of the pieces I’ve been looking forward to the most! The outside view of one of the Vinyata DOMEs, one of the greatest technological achievements on Tikor.

- Art Drop | Outside DOME

It’s here, a first look at where the Dracon live. Over a dozen gigantic domed cities connected via a hyperspeed lightrail. Advanced tech in a place you may not expect it.

One of the things I really wanted to show was how the Dracon have really tamed the desert. Found a way to make an existence in it. A happy life! We too often think of desert living people as backward or primitive, and I wanted to firmly establish that this is not the case.

That top circle at the top of the DOME is a track that has a series of huge solar panel arrays. It helps generate power for the city and also blocks out some of the direct sunlight. It tracks the movement of the sun as it travels along the horizon and blocks out the most direct beams.

Look forward to an inside view of a DOME next. And trust me, they are GORGEOUS inside! So what do you think of the DOME’s? Drop a comment below!

Yellow Border

The Art

OutsideDome social - Art Drop | Outside DOME

If you’re a Patron, check out the Concept Art!

- Art Drop | Outside DOME


Creator and Author of Swordsfall. He's a longtime omni-nerd who grew up during the classic days of Toonami, TechTV, and Transformers. However, as a black man in the hobby, he found himself longing for more stories that told the adventures of people that looked like him. Creating Swordsfall has not only been an effort to be the change he wanted to see but also as his own personal journey.

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