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The Free and the Bold

In Grimnest there is only one type of folks. The free. No central law, no central rules. No, in Grimnest, the Grimm take care of themselves.

Swordsfall Lead Artist, Tumo Mere, has finished a culture different from any of the others you’ve seen. For Grimnest has it’s origins in piracy, and a legacy of freedom that goes back hundreds of years.

The Grimm themselves reflect this history with styles that exude individuality and flair. They say you can tell everything you need to know about a Grimm by their clothing.

And any Grimm would agree.

The fourth character in the panel is a Land Raider, an underground group of kids committed to taking care of each other. With cloaking hoodies and slick pickpocket skills, they not only survive, they THRIVE.

You’ll be seeing a more detailed look at that Profession soon!

What do you think about them? Drop a comment below!

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The Art

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21 days ago

Love the shield on the left!

18 days ago

The Land Raider design is straight up my alley and I love it. That hat. That hair. Those clothes. Those *kicks* like.. Yes Tumo. Yes. And the moth-like feature on the person on the left are so cool ;o;

16 days ago

A) Those hats!!! Amazing. B) What profession are figures 2 and 5. I’m thinking 2 might be an Ether Shifter and 5 possibly a Dream Weaver or a Spirit Medium. They’re both really speaking to me, and curious minds want to know.

15 days ago

These hats are all stylish and so uniquely friggin cool! All these designs just scream cool people you’d love to know more about.

14 days ago

Grimnest looks like the kind of place I would love to explore.

Kalvin Gearhart
12 days ago

They all look so damn cool!

David Muir
10 days ago

I love that every one of them is just so individual but even with that individuality you can tell they all come from the same culture.

10 days ago

Amazing artistry.

9 days ago

the mask on 3 and sword on 2, don’t even get me started on no.5’s clothing



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