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Art Drop | The Minos Bust Illustration

The First Piece of Art

Story Highlights
  • Art by Tumo Mere
  • One of the Swordsfall Professions

Our first piece of custom art is in! And just WOW.

- Art Drop | The Minos Bust Illustration

The first piece of art from T’umo Mere came in today! It’s simply amazing!!!

This is a portrait of a Minos, one of the Professions from Swordsfall! Minos are a band of elite female soldiers for the Dihoma.

Your Patreon dollar’s hard at work!

The Art

minos close up website - Art Drop | The Minos Bust Illustration


Creator and Author of Swordsfall. He's a longtime omni-nerd who grew up during the classic days of Toonami, TechTV, and Transformers. However, as a black man in the hobby, he found himself longing for more stories that told the adventures of people that looked like him. Creating Swordsfall has not only been an effort to be the change he wanted to see but also as his own personal journey.

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