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Art Drop | Vinyata: Desert Trek

A Trek through the Desert

The first of the Vinyata artwork is coming in and it looks awesome! This piece will be the two-page spread for the Vinyata section. As usual, Sabina Lewis SMASHED IT.

- Art Drop | Vinyata: Desert Trek

In this piece, you really see the vastness of the desert. I really wanted people to see and appreciate the sheer scale of it! It’s not a place you venture to without being well prepared.

The figures you see in the picture are Wanderers. A culture of people who roam all across the world and act as the ultimate global merchants.  This is a small band of Wanderers making their way across the dunes. 

Are they heading back to the main caravan? Or off on a new adventure?

Yellow Border

The Art

doublepage Vinyata social - Art Drop | Vinyata: Desert Trek

If you’re a Patron, check out the Concept Art!

- Art Drop | Vinyata: Desert Trek


Creator and Author of Swordsfall. He's a longtime omni-nerd who grew up during the classic days of Toonami, TechTV, and Transformers. However, as a black man in the hobby, he found himself longing for more stories that told the adventures of people that looked like him. Creating Swordsfall has not only been an effort to be the change he wanted to see but also as his own personal journey.

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