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Bell of Lost Souls | Welcome To Tikor, An RPG Of Ancient Magic And Future Tech

Lost Souls in Tikor

We had a great preview come out from Bell of Lost Souls! It was a great write-up, check it out.

Welcome to Tikor is an upcoming Afropunk RPG setting/artbook that takes players into a gorgeously drawn world where deities and spirits exist alongside cybernetics and other technological wonders. Come see what awaits you in Tikor. It’s not everyday you find a Kickstarter that catches your attention with the promise of something unlike anything else out there right now.

Swordsfall is an in-development Afropunk RPG, a shared world building system, and a setting that’s built with the precepts of developing a world that isn’t another Eurocentric fantasy setting. And as you might tell from the genre, the world of Tikor is built entirely using African lore and inspiration. Developed by a team of three, Swordsfall is an RPG that provides a space to play in and explore stories with a different voice at the base of them.

Bell of Lost Souls

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Great review!



Summit of Kings

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The Summit of Kings is a 2 – 4 player one-shot TTRPG set in the Swordsfall universe. Play as a Jalen at the biggest tournament for the profession in the world. Will you be crowned the Wordsmith?

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