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    3 hours ago

    Art Drop | Hawken, the God-King (Full-Body Illustration)

    Tumo Mere brings us another full body illustration! This time its the founder and singular ruler of Hawklore, the god Hawken! A god with an eye for fashion.
    Member Exclusive
    2 days ago

    Member Exclusive | The Grimm Illustration Concept Art

    To the west of Garuda, on the other side of a vengeful god turned mountain, lies Grimnest. Concept art for the Grimm is here!

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    Member Exclusive | Vishnu Color Concept #2

    The mysterious group known as Vishnu continues to take shape in this color concept update. What does the face of…

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    Batman Is About Anti-Capitalism

    If you know me, you know I'm a Batman fan. If you don't, now you do! Well, I wrote a…

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    Member Exclusive | Vishnu Color Concept

    For parts unknown their lies an organization that seeks to be the balance, at all costs. The Vishnu. WItness their…

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    Art Drop | The Abyssinian

    Swordsfall artist Enmanuel Martinez has finished a piece that I think will be a fan favorite. The Abyssinian.

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    Art Drop | The Shivasteed

    New animal artist Bethany Berg is done with the first official animal of Swordsfall, the Shivasteed! It's utterly majestic!

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    Member Exclusive | Abyssisian Color Concept #2

    The noble and yet mechanical Abyssisian is almost done. Enmanuel has added a few more details and it looks amazing!

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    Member Exclusive | Grimnest, Prime – Design Sketch #1

    The last of the design sketches for Grimnest, the ultra high tech city of tomorrow, Prime! What does the city…

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    Member Exclusive | Grimnest, Port Royal – Design Sketch #1

    While Grimnest is the land of the free it has two major cities that demonstrate that the most. The first…

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    Member Exclusive | Grimnest, Grimm Town Design Sketch #1

    This piece of concept art from Grimnest is all about where the regular people live. In a nation, that's not…

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    Member Exclusive | Grimnest, Double Page Spread – Design Sketch #1

    Sabina Lewis has started cracking on the land of Grimnest! The land of the free. The land of the bold.…

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