Drift of Dreams Update

    Tarot Card | The Devil, Xavian the Withering King

    The Devil Tarot Card isn't about the devil in a biblical sense, but in the way of devil in the…
    Member Exclusive

    Member Exclusive | Ida “Barrage” Black & White Clean Lineart

    The rise of the Ida "Barrage" is almost here as Enmanuel cleans up the sketch to perfection. The black &…
    Member Exclusive

    Member Exclusive | Matan R-2 Concept Sketch #2

    The construction of the Matan R-2 continues as artist Enmanuel Martinez unveils the second stage of the Ramnos walking tank.
    Member Exclusive

    Member Exclusive | The Matan R-2 Concept Sketches

    The Kingdom of Ramnos has developed a new type of vehicle. An all-terrain vehicle suited for any environment. Come see…


    Swordsfall isn’t just a setting for an Afropunk game, it’s a world. It’s a dive into pre-colonial Africa for rich lore you’ve never heard of before. It’s an exploration into a world where most of the faces are dark yet aren’t constrained to one corner of the globe. It’s a world where women hold power equal to men and the merit of one’s soul is what propels them through life.

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