November 26, 2020

    No, You Don’t Have to Be Black to Enjoy Swordsfall

    There’s a surprising question I sometimes get when it comes to Swordsfall. One I didn’t ever think I’d have to answer. I’ve gotten a number of messages from white people inquiring if it’s ok for them to enjoy Swordsfall. If they were invading a safe space by getting the books and enjoying the world.
    October 17, 2020

    What’s Afropunk about the Mecha and Vehicles in Swordsfall?

    So people will often ask me "What's Afropunk" about the Matan R-2 or the Ida mechs. Let's talk about, shall we? But first, let's establish two big things about modern vehicles and mecha. Tanks are for the majority Eurocentric. And Mechs for the most part are majority Japanese.


    Curious about how things are behind the scenes? Where did that idea come from? What is the meaning of that name? Or just in general, what’s going through the mind of the Swordsfall crew?

    Well, welcome to the Editorial section where you can read about the extras! And if you’re looking for even more behind the scenes info, become one of Tikor’s Finest!

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