Member Exclusive
    4 days ago

    Member Exclusive | Ida “Barrage” Black & White Clean Lineart

    The rise of the Ida "Barrage" is almost here as Enmanuel cleans up the sketch to perfection. The black & white clean lineart for the Barrage is here and it looks SO good.
    Member Exclusive
    7 days ago

    Member Exclusive | Matan R-2 Concept Sketch #2

    The construction of the Matan R-2 continues as artist Enmanuel Martinez unveils the second stage of the Ramnos walking tank.
    Member Exclusive
    1 week ago

    Member Exclusive | The Matan R-2 Concept Sketches

    The Kingdom of Ramnos has developed a new type of vehicle. An all-terrain vehicle suited for any environment. Come see the Matan R-2 Concept Sketches.
    Swordsfall Art Drop
    2 weeks ago

    Art Drop | The See’er, Oracles of the Future

    Tucked within the snow of the Adras Mountains, the See'er act as the Oracles of the Future. The silent oracles of the north see all.
    Swordsfall Art Drop
    3 weeks ago

    Art Drop | The See’er World Tree

    Not everyone believes that Ishvana crafted Tikor, chief among them the See'er. They instead believe that it was the mythical Divine Entity Ro'og crafted Tikor, and the World Tree birthed life.
    Swordsfall Art Drop
    August 23, 2020

    Art Drop | Raksha, the Nightmare Within

    There are many monsters on Tikor, but the Raksha are like no other beast, animal, or human found on Tikor. They sit squarely at the top of the food chain.
    Member Exclusive
    August 20, 2020

    Member Exclusive | Raksha Color Concept

    Some Nightmares come in simple shades, and others come in full color. The Raksha begins to take shape in color form. What does the horror look like now?
    Member Exclusive
    August 18, 2020

    Member Exclusive | Raksha Concept Sketch #3

    The work on Tikor's deadliest monster continues. The face of horror develops in Raksha Concept Sketch #3.
    Member Exclusive
    August 12, 2020

    Member Exclusive | Raksha Concept Sketch #2

    A nightmare isn't born overnight. It takes eons of iterations to perfect the perfect beast void. The second phase of the Raksha is here.

    Welcome to Tikor Updates

    News and Updates for Welcome to Tikor: A Swordsfall RPG Setting and Artbook, along with it’s three smaller books. Pantheons of Tikor, Tikor: The Professionals and The Animalist Guide to Creatures.

    Welcome to Tikor will be an 8.5″ x 11″ hardcover book, printed on premium color for the richest and vivid colors. With the help of over 2,000 backers, we’ll be able to bring this amazing artbook to life. And if you’re looking for Welcome to Tikor updates then this is the page to bookmark!

    For more information and to see the viral Kickstarter, click HERE!

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