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World Anvil | Celestial Shield

The Strongest Shield

With unbreakable shields, they protect not only kings, but regular folks as well. Protectors of us all.

- World Anvil | Celestial Shield

An excerpt from World Anvil.


Its hard to say when the tradition of Shield Arts started in Garuda, however, we know that it started off slow and small. The earliest origins of Celestial Shields trace themselves to the small See’er villages that were largely forced to stand on their own. Through generations of defense, various shield art and styles started to develop.

However, these various disciplines were merely small locally focused styles, all hinging upon protecting citizens or loved ones. While shield defense is prevalent throughout Tikor , the isolation the See’er people enclose themselves in makes them more apt to handle matters internally. This has ranged from religion to food and trade, and of course self-defense. While the use of shields in conflicts is a general staple of Tikor, the See’er simply developed it from a tool to full art.

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