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Art Drop | Garuda Night Festival

A Violet Moon Lights the Night

We have another piece of Garuda landscape upon us! The fantastic Sabina Lewis has been hard at work on a gorgeous night scene from the land of Garuda.

- Art Drop | Garuda Night Festival

And not just anywhere, but in the Ilun Valley, one of the most picturesque areas in the region. Amazing work as usual from Sabina!

From World Anvil

The land known as Garuda consists mainly of large grasslands and various forested areas. The northern edge of the region is topped with a snowy mountain range that opens out into the Divide. Garuda’s western border is marked by the Enkai Mountain range. The living mountain god forbids almost all passage over his craggy body, forming a hard border with the country on the other side, Grimnest. A half circle of dense tropical rainforest covers the western part of Garuda from Enkai until it breaks into The Isle.

Perhaps most unique boundary of Garuda lies to the east. Here, the grasslands give way to marsh as they head east into the Hawklore border. The most interesting element of this is that the marshland isn’t as treacherous as one might believe, and is actually quite easy to traverse. The eastern land that Hawklore occupies is abundant with natural resources, though curiously Garuda has been reluctant to expand there. Many researchers believe that the God King Hawken most likely had much to do with this decision.

Yellow Border
Garuda Night Web scaled - Art Drop | Garuda Night Festival


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