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Kotaku | New Afro-Futurist RPG Is A Fresh Break From Sci-fi’s Tired Tropes

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The internet gaming and nerd culture magazine, Kotaku, had an interview with Brandon. It centered around the Kickstarter for Welcome to Tikor as well as Swordsfall as a whole.

The art book Kickstarter for Swordsfall, a tabletop roleplaying game set in an Afro-futurist African nation, raised over $64,000 in about 24 hours and cleared its $2,000goal with ease. Creator Brandon Dixon told Kotaku that he’s not all that surprised by the success of this campaign. He knew that he had something unique, that fills a hole in the tabletop RPG landscape for black players.

Swordfall takes place in the world of Tikor, which is inspired by pre-colonial Africa and also imagines an independent African nation with futuristic technology. This Kickstarter was just for the art book, which includes lore about Tikor, though it promises an upcoming tabletop RPG and has a publicly available world bible for the curious.

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