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Member Exclusive – Crystal Priest Black and White Concept

The Look of A Scholar

Story Highlights
  • Art by Tumo Mere
  • One of the Professions of Swordsfall

Crystal Priests are a mix of scholars and crafters. They can spin Azurean using their bare hands but have to understand it at a scientific level. For a Crystal Priest, it’s a mix of knowledge and ingenuity. What does their construction look like?

The Academy Look

The Crystal Priests all train in one place, the secluded island of Independent Freeland of Teslan. A place where they can train in peace, away from a world that needs their skills or wants them for power. I wanted their look to reflect that.

They have a sort of college prep uniform look. The way I imagine it is that a Crystal Priest starts off with these robes/uniforms when they enroll in Druse Academy. Then as they move up in ranks their uniform changes and gets a bit fancier. You start to look more fancy/professional.

Then you have the dress of a full-fledged Crystal Priest. I want to mix the look of Priest and an African themed mage. Crystal Priests aren’t worshipped like a real-life priest, but they are respected like one. Azurean is a powerful resource and being the only ones who can mold it makes them extremely powerful economically.

Here’s what Tumo had to say about the first batch of concepts!

Here we go! We got 2 levels of priests a mid-tier one in the more scholarly uniform and a priest level one.

from Tumo Mere

I’m loving what Tumo came up with! They have a style that seems noble yet practical. I also wanted to have a touch of that “school days” kind of a vibe. As an anime fan I couldn’t help wanting to add that extra bit of flair to it.

What do you think about these concepts? Let me know in the comments below!

Yellow Border

The Art

crystal priest concept1 membership - Member Exclusive – Crystal Priest Black and White Concept


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