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Member Exclusive | Summit of Kings Artless Preview

Hello, my top tier members! I have a special little treat/surprise for you! The artless preview of soon to be released Swordsfall Adventure, Summit of Kings!

Welcome to Tikor!

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This content is LOCKED to Tikor's Finest Members of Team Leader and Chosen ONLY

Access to behind the scenes artwork, lore and more is specially reserved for our Swordsfall members! Or as I like to call them, Tikor's Finest! It's through this support that allows Swordsfall to continue to grow!

By pledging $1 you unlock Color concepts and sketches, and at $3 and above you get access to black & white sketches! The earliest origins of a future art piece.

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4 days ago

Oh nice surprise reward.

4 days ago

I can’t wait for this to come out

1 day ago

Ack, I’m lost! I hope I can get some help here from someone… I’m a member on Patreon, logged in both on Patreon and here, but I can’t see the content on this page. However, when I’m on Patreon and clicking a link to a member-only page, I can see the content. Am I missing something? :’) Thanks!

1 day ago
Reply to  Swordsfall

Thank you! I mistakingly looked at your pinned Patreon post rather than the latest Patreon post, so the confusion is all on me!



Summit of Kings

SoK Title HiRes

The Summit of Kings is a 2 – 4 player one-shot TTRPG set in the Swordsfall universe. Play as a Jalen at the biggest tournament for the profession in the world. Will you be crowned the Wordsmith?

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