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Member Exclusive | The Sun Tarot Card Concept

The Warmth of Tikor

The Sun is the great refresher. The source of life and radiance. Being able to be under the sun's radiance fills people with a sense of fulfillment.

The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun Tarot Card is the 19th major arcana and is a symbol of life growth and fulfillment.

For the look of the card, I'm thinking a person standing underneath the sun, head to the sky with a pleased look on their face. Something that makes you feel the pleasure of the sun like people on Tikor feels about their sun, Ila.

This is what artist FluorescentWolf had to say about the Sun tarot card concept below.

There are three different shots here: closeup, full-body, and a mid-shot. In the full-body (2nd) shot, there can also be a variation with their hands up (like the 3rd option).

-From FluorescentWolf

I love the background in the second but everything about the third. I think if possible we should combine the second and third pieces. The posing and everything in the third one are just fantastic!

Yellow Border

The Art

the sun tarot card concept web - Member Exclusive | The Sun Tarot Card Concept


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