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Member Exclusive | The Tower Tarot Card Concept Sketch

Towers will fall

Story Highlights
  • Art by FluorescentWolf

The Tower represents extreme change and sometimes upheaval. What does that look like on Tikor? The destruction of a cultural hub.

The Falling Tower

The Tower tarot card is an interesting major arcana. The Tower reminds you that things change, suddenly and sometimes without warning. The Eastern Node was once a beautiful city until it was destroyed during a war that would change the world.

Here's what FluorescentWolf had to say about the Tower Tarot Card concept sketches they did.

A few options here. The first is a low angle outside the dome with the missile straight and true flying straight to it, a moment before impact.

The second is a more symmetrical view, far away and outside the dome, right as the explosion is going off, seeing the fireball inside the dome and illuminating stark shadows.

The third is a view from inside the dome, looking up, seeing the missile a millisecond after its explosion; the lighting here will be extremely stark to make sure the nuke-like nature is conveyed and we know the explosion will consume the buildings we see.

Comments from FluorescentWolf

Uh oh. Another hard set of choices. And all of these would be amazing. But unfortunately there can only be one. I think I'm going to go with the third one because it has a certain weight to it. But number 2 is a really close second. But the imagery of it is just too good.

Which one did you like? Let me know in the comments below!

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The Art


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