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Member Exclusive | Wheel of Fortune Concept Sketches

The Cycle of Fate

Story Highlights
  • Art by FluorescentWolf

The Wheel of Fortune is about a balance and cycle. What does it look like to build a cosmic balance? Well FluorescentWolf has some ideas on how to build this wheel.

Wheel of Fortune, Circle of Life

For the Wheel of Fortune concept, we have another three-panel review to look at! This one is color as well and it looks fantastic! This is what FluorescentWolf had to say about what they came up with for this piece.

I'm thinking the leaves/top of the tree get psychedelic and wispy and connect with a descending spirit. Maybe having light lines representing living connections with the earth radiate out from the base of the tree, and a (in sketch 1) a spirit going up the tree to meet the descending one, or (in sketch 3) a dying animal and a spirit coming down the tree to meet.

Notes from FluorescentWolf

I think they definitely hit the psychedelic part of this and it shows! This is one of those choices that are going to be really hard to make as they all look good! But you have to give feedback, and there can be only one! This is what I'm thinking when it comes to this piece;

  • I really like the scenery in the first one, especially the ground. Not many of the cards have been a proper “scene”.
  • But the colors and the way the rabbit leaves the frame in the second is also awesome. It gives a real “Spirits within the trees” sort of feel.
  • Then the tree and the spirit animals in the third one is really gorgeous as well.

My first instinct is to say the middle one because it draws my eye.  But I don't know, they're all amazing. If I had to pick I'd choose the second one, but I think I'm gonna let FluorescentWolf take the lead on this one and see what they come up with!

Yellow Border

The Art


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