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Patreon Exclusive | Evening Hoverbike Color Concepts

A Gorgeous Ride

Enmanuel Martinez is doing another hoverbike piece! This will be one of the amazing pieces from the Hoverbike collection that's on IndieGoGo right now! What does an evening ride look like?

- Patreon Exclusive | Evening Hoverbike Color Concepts

Since the first hoverbike piece was a sort of relaxed ride through the mountains I wanted the next hoverbike piece to be a bit more…relaxed?

I really wanted to drive home that “Fun ride” vibe. With those instructions, these are the two different color concepts that Enmanuel came up with.

The first one is a really cool drift shot. I imagine someone driving by the beach, seeing no one is there and thinking, “Yup, time to show off!”. It also has this nice orange “evening” tint to it, and I love that.

The second one is more relaxed, a little movie-esque. Drive just off the land so you get these cool water effects. I really love the whole layout of the scene.

I think we're gonna combine the two in some way. I love the evening color and the sideways shot of the bike!

Which one do you like? Let me know in the comments!

Yellow Border

The Art


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