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Patreon Exclusive | Seamripper Concept Sketch

Destroyer of Dreams

Production of Drift of Dreams is full underway and some early design concepts are starting to appear. Tanni “Queen Beanie” Brown is hard at work designing the antagonist of Drift of Dreams, The Seamripper.

- Patreon Exclusive | Seamripper Concept Sketch

As is usual, I let the artist really put there mark on the character. Queen decided to go with a spider-type design and give her this really creepy look.


With an antagonist like the Seamripper, I wanted her appearance to match her malice. It didn't have to be gross or overblown, but clearly present. I think Tanni really got the essence of the character.

Looking forward to seeing the next step in the process!

Yellow Border

The Art

SeamripperTapestry Sketch web - Patreon Exclusive | Seamripper Concept Sketch


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