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Member Exclusive | The Coast of Hawklore, Design Sketch #1

Jagged Edge

I have another Design Sketch from Hawklore! Sabina Lewis is coming up with some ideas for a coastal scene from Hawklore!

There hasn’t been a ton of coastal scenes yet, and Hawklore is basically half coast so this piece was a must-have. The whole eastern border of Hawklore is the ocean. The Santos Sea.

Some parts are sandy and beachy, but a lot of is full of sharp cliffs and craggy drop-offs. I imagined it as being beautiful and yet deadly feeing. I think there’s always something weirdly powerful about a coast.

For those reasons I’m leaning toward a mix of A and C. A has the rock formations I imagined on the coast and C has the overall terrain and look. So smashing them together should get the look I’m going for.

Which one did you like? Let me know in the comments!

Yellow Border

The Art

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