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Patreon Exclusive | Vinyata Interior DOME Design Sketches

Protected from the elements

You've seen the outside of the DOMES, but what do you look like inside? Well, Sabina Lewis has some sketches of just that and it's looking awesome!

- Patreon Exclusive | Vinyata Interior DOME Design Sketches

In the previous design sketch, you got to see what the outside of a DOME looks like. I wanted the interior to have that same cultural high tech and modern feel to it.

So with this one, we have two different approaches and viewpoints. One from the ground floor, showing off the shopping area.

The other one is a view from the inside of a building outlooking the interior of the DOME.

I wanted both of the shots to show off that it wasn't some dinky town in the desert but a real city. Alive and buzzing. I'm excited to see where Sabina goes with this one!

Yellow Border

The Art

Vinyata design sheet 03 79 - Patreon Exclusive | Vinyata Interior DOME Design Sketches


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