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Patreon Exclusive | Vinyata, the Design Sketches

Under Adume

The early design sketches for Vinyata is here! This time we started off with two full sheets of potential designs for the desert region.

- Patreon Exclusive | Vinyata, the Design Sketches

The process with these sketches is pretty straightforward as I know I'm only going to do five total pieces for Vinyata. I gave Sabina Lewis a number of ideas I had for the region along with a ton of lore. And this is what she came up with!

Let's go over what's happening (or potentially happening) in each one shall we?

  1. A dark figure (dragon-like but not actually one) flying over some craggy sands
  2. A group of travelers (either Dracon or Wanderers) furiously trying to escape a sandstorm.
  3. The group of Wanderers traveling through the desert.
  4. Similar to three, but a pulled away shot so you can see the full desert view.
  5. An inside looking out view of one of the DOMEs on The Web, giant inclosed cities.
  6. An outside looking-in shot of a DOME. Complete with a shot of the highspeed monorail
  7. An inside shot of a DOME showing a marketplace.
  8. Adventures come across some of the strange scenery that dots the Vinyatian deserts.
  9. A shot from the inside of a home looking out into the interior of a DOME city.

And that's all nine. Five shall say, 4 shall go!

Not ALL of them will be used (maybe), but it's always awesome to see where we're going. I've already sent in my tweaks! 

More to come!

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