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Patreon Tier Changes

Things are Changin’

We have some Patreon changes coming up. Don’t worry, it’s all great news!

Hello Swordies!

So now that Swordsfall has grown and art is coming in, I’ve been thinking about how to manage the Patreon. I wanted to figure out a way to reward those on the $1 and $3 tier, but not devalue the higher tier ones. My solution is simple.

1.) All finished color pieces will be posted for all.

2.) Any final stage concepts (usually in color) will be posted for $1 and above.

3.) Any pre-final concepts and early sketches will be posted for $3 and above.

This way the art is seen by all the higher tiers, allowing you to see more of a “Behind the Scenes” look at the art process. Everything on the higher tiers will stay the same, with the focus more on behind the scenes of Swordsfall itself.

I’ve already changed the old rankings, so the lower tiers will see all sorts of new art!

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