Tikor’s Finest

Well first off, you have my eternal thanks for your support, even if it’s a $1! I truly never thought this project would become as amazing as it has, and I’m even more honored that anyone wants to support it! All Tikor’s Finest members will receive access to my blog posts where I detail the progress of the world and my roadmap! Also, there will be occasional posts about how I deconstruct traditional fantasy elements into the Afrocentric world of Swordsfall.

The tiers above $5 are when we start getting into rewards where you can help shape the direction of Swordsfall and more! Can you say Opinion Poll! (opinion poll).

Lastly, no matter your pledge level…THANK YOU! You’re a sexy beast. Or inanimate object. I love you for you. And your money. But you mostly.

Seriously though, your support means so much, and I hope you are able to enjoy reading and playing in the world as much as I do crafting it!


Citizen of Tikor
The Benefits -
Access to the Swordsfall community boards!
Student of Hekan
$1 / month
The Benefits -
Behind the Scenes Color Concepts
Advanced Professions in Tikor's Finest
Member Only Community
Exclusive Deals
The Hekanite
$3 / month
The Benefits:
All the Student of Hekan benefits
Access to Black & White art concepts
Behind the Scenes Posts & Editorials
The Professional
$5 / month
All the previous Tier rewards
Special Professional level ONLY polls
The Specialist
$10 / month
The Benefits-
All the previous Tier rewards
Sneak Peak at Unreleased Content
Free Swordsfall Sticker every THREE months
The Team Leader
$25 / month
The Benefits-
All the previous Tier rewards
Special Q&A's with the Creator
Exclusive Scenarios every 3 months
Free Swordsfall League T-Shirt on your SECOND month of membership!
The Chosen
$50 / month
The ULTIMATE package
All the previous Tier rewards
Autographed Swordsfall Books
Digital copies of ALL Swordsfall products
Free Shirt EVERY month after the second!
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