Dreamweaver Wallpaper Set




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A pack of high-quality wallpapers featuring the profession, Dreamweaver. 

Included Resolutions:

The See’er of old would tell a bedtime story to their children to help them sleep soundly at night. In the story, there is a kindly old man who can save them from their bad dreams. He comes to the children in the night and whisks away their nightmares, turning their night terrors into pleasant dreams.

He became known as The Old Whisper, a reference to the way the gentle old man would appear accompanied by a soft whispering sound. His words were always indecipherable in these dreams, but his intent and feelings were clear. He was there to help. The grandfather-like figure served to guide young ones through their turbulent slumber. The tale of The Old Whisper is one of the few common tales that can be found all across the world, no matter the culture or nation.

Dreamweavers sit at a strange crossroads on Tikor. Many members of the profession have little interest in being a formal part of society, let alone holding status. The Tapestry is not a physical construct, and that is where most Weavers feel they truly belong. So why then should they care about what happens in the mortal world?

Despite their reluctance to participate in society at large, they are still widely respected for their talents. When nightmares grip people with terror or plague the young, everyone knows that only a Dreamweaver can help.

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