Griot Wallpaper Set




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A pack of high-quality wallpapers featuring the profession, Griot. 

Included Resolutions:
Remembering the events of the past isn’t a simple measure for the citizens of Garuda. The retention of history is something that is taken seriously by nearly all in the evergreen nation. This need to retain the knowledge and lore of Garuda and its citizens would eventually give rise to the historian. A type of Diviner skilled in retaining the totality of an event, and the ability to recite it perfectly.

This is what a Griot, the ultimate historian, and oral history teller. Every ruler’s court and even the Divine Order of Phoenix itself has a Griot. While written history is still considered an important component, no written book can match the breadth of detail in a Griot’s memory. While Garuda, and even the Order, venerate the keepers of history, they do not belong to any nation or faction.

The code of Griot demands impartiality and freedom. While they are more than eager to sing the annals of history, they do so for the sake of knowledge and never naked power. Many of a King has been shocked when her boastful claims have been spoiled by the song of their own Griot.

The Power of Song is an instrumental piece of the Griot arts. The vast amount of knowledge that Griot’s hold requires a special way to store and recite. This is done via the special Griot Hekan Art, The Power of Song. The songs of the singing orators are not theatre, they care a power that conveys meaning more than simple words ever could.

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