Tikor Map Wallpaper Set




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A pack of high-quality wallpapers featuring the map of Tikor. 
Included Resolutions:
    a close up of a piece of paper


    The most defining feature of the world of Tikor is its landmass. The enormous mass of land is almost broken into two halves, a Northern and Southern half of Tikor. These two massive halves are where life flourishes on the planet. While there is much life to be seen in its vast oceans, most of the action happens on land.

    It’s on land that the majority of the creation myths take place. While many cultures exist on Tikor, each with their own deities and customs, most of them acknowledge a single creation god. The great Divine Entity, Ishvana. She crafted the planet Tikor on a stream of intangible energy called Ether. It’s through this flow of energy that makes life on Tikor so vast and diverse.

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