The Chosen

Welcome to one of the Higher Tier Memberships!

And for that I thank you! This tier is for those who want to seriously support Swordsfall! At this tier you’ll get a single signed copy of any physical books Swordsfall puts out. As well as digital copies of all of our products!

That’s right, you basically get everything!*

You also receive one extra benefit. After your Swordsfall League shirt for your Resub Award, you’ll still get a free shirt EVERY MONTH! With so many cool designs there’s so many to choose from! It doesn’t have to be a shirt either. We have hoodies, leggings, backpacks and more. The amazing art used through out the books makes for the perfect gear. So that’s what we’re doing.


*Must be subscribed the month BEFORE a product release to get it. No gaming the system please*

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