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Tarot Card | Strength, The Trakker

Strength in Unity

The Strength card is here. The symbol of not physical strength, but the strength of bonds between Humans and the Animal Kingdom

- Tarot Card | Strength, The Trakker

The Strength card is about human’s ability, but not in the typical ways we think of it. It’s not about crushing strength and overwhelming ability. On Tikor, Strength comes from the ability to bridge the gap.

Humans, Nature and the Animal Kingdom are separate, yet equal. And the real sign of strength in humans is the ability to navigate that complicated space with compassion and understanding.

No profession personifies this more than a Trakker. They are the ones who often help bridge that gap for the everyday person and/or animal. They don’t just understand the speech of animals, but the intention in their heart. Something the Animal Kingdom has long been able to do.

Together with those abilities Trakkers help not only humans but animals in their struggles.

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