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Tarot Card | The High Priestess, Mime

Wisdom Card

Tarot art extraordinaire FluorescentWolf, has finished up the design of another card! This one is the High Priestess card, starring none other than the Divinity of Wisdom, Mime!

- Tarot Card | The High Priestess, Mime

Wolf did a fantastic job of really giving a feel of the godliness that is a member of the Divinity. You can see a bit of her power going through her hair. It helps add those details that really helps make them seem just enough *not* human.

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The High Priestess card is about human wisdom and it’s relationship to the world. I felt like Mime represented this best not just because she’s the Divinity of Wisdom but because of her actions as a deity.

Her message is always about understanding more about the world. Be it your neighbors, the animal kingdom or other deities. The Wisdom Mime represents is shown all the time through her actions and words. Who better else to represent the wisdom of the deck?

A few more cards are in the pipeline, look for them soon!

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