The Lovers Tarot Card

Tarot Card | The Lovers

The Sun and Moon

The Sixth card in the Drift of Dreams Tarot Deck is done! The Lovers. Twin cosmic elements locked in an embrace.

For this card I asked FluorescentWolf to twist the usual concept of Lovers a bit. Show a human version of the sun and moon, each androgynous enough for the gender to be a “Choice your own flavor”.

As usual, FlourscentWolf knocked it out the PARK!

Yellow Border

The Art

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Kalvin Gearhart
14 days ago

I cant wait to get the set so i can give it to my roommate

Kalvin Gearhart
13 days ago
Reply to  Swordsfall

shes big into tarot decks and i know she will appreciate the art.

14 days ago

They’re so gorgeous TToTT

Jordan Huggins
12 days ago

I’ve always enjoyed the art and symbolism that goes into tarot cards, so far this set is no exception



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