The Release Calendar

So what’s the schedule for Swordsfall products? Here’s a general timeline. This is not SET IN STONE. Release dates will change as needed to ensure the sexiest product possible.

- The Release Calendar

The Schedules

We have the timelines split into a few different ones to make it easier to navigate. Released Titles, Upcoming and Far Future.

Released titles is the list of stuff we’ve already released and you can purchase now. Upcoming titles are titles we currently have in the works along with an estimated release date.

And finally are Far Future titles, things we have plans for but haven’t actually started production on. Think of it as a glimpse into the future of Swordsfall!

Released Titles

Products available now!

July 18, 2019

Volume 1: Tikor, the Beginning: A Swordsfall Lore Book (The Chronicles of Tikor)

image - The Release Calendar
A small 40 page novella that gives the reader a primer for the world of Tikor.

July 18, 2019
Spear Half Left - The Release Calendar

Upcoming Titles

Explore the titles coming out soon!

February 2020

Summit of Kings: Battle for the Supreme Jalen

summit of kings title illustration scaled - The Release Calendar
A unique Swordsfall adventure where 2 players and up can battle to see who is the best Jalen on Tikor.

February 2020
March 2020

The Bank Heist: (The Chronicles of Tikor)
Banner of the Nubia Portrait

The Killer Krew have arrived at a small bank off the coast of Garuda. What did Nubia come to take?

March 2020
April 2020

Welcome to Tikor | A Swordsfall Setting and Artbook

Boxset Multiple - The Release Calendar

The Kickstarter that started it all! 200 pages of lore, art and setting info for the world of Swordsfall

April 2020
June 2020

Drift of Dreams | A Swordsfall Graphic Novel
ishvana cover web - The Release Calendar

A 100+ page graphic novel that follows the battle for the very dreams of slumbering humans.

June 2020
July 2020

The Swordsfall Tarot Deck

A full tarot deck featuring characters and imagery from the world of Swordsfall.

July 2020
Spear Half Right - The Release Calendar

Far Future Titles

What’s on the horizon for Swordsfall?

March 2021

Swordsfall RPG | The Greatest RPG of all Time

Celestial Shield Preview - The Release Calendar
You’ve seen the setting, now you want to play in the world. Behold the next great RPG. Soonish.

March 2021
January 2018

Swordsfall: End of an Era
battle ofthe isle - The Release Calendar

The world was forever changed during The Longest Night as the two largest nations clash after a deadly assassination. As the world moves toward a new Era, what’s the true story behind the deadly events?

January 2018
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