Tikor’s Finest Membership Pricing

Citizen of Tikor
The Casual Viewer
For those who just want to be apart of the Swordsfall community.
Access to the Swordsfall community boards!
Access to Badges and Accolades
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Student of Hekan
A Month
This is our entry tier that gives you access to Color Concepts and Member Rewards!
Access to the Swordsfall Community Boards
Behind the Scenes Color Concepts
Advanced Professions in Tikor's Finest metagame
Exclusive Member Only Rewards Each Month!
The Professional
A Month
This tier are for the art fans who want a little input as well via polls.
All Previous Tier Rewards
Special Professional Level ONLY Polls
The Specialist
A Month
For those who love physical rewards as well, starting with stickers.
All Previous Tier Rewards
Sneak Peak at Unreleased Content
Free Swordsfall Sticker every THREE months
The Team Leader
For the GMs
This tier is for the GM's and TTRPG players. Or even the table.
All Previous Tier Rewards
Exclusive Scenarios every 3 months
Free Swordsfall League T-Shirt on your SECOND month of membership!
The Chosen
For the Ultimate Fan!
For the fan who just wants it ALL! And we love you for it!
All Previous Tier Rewards
Autographed Swordsfall Books
Digital copies of ALL Swordsfall products
Free Shirt EVERY month after the second!
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