Tikor’s Finest: Specialists

Yea, that's right. That's what we're calling this cool, and strange element I've added to the website. If you haven't noticed yet, there are BADGES now. And achievements.

And more, so much more. So how does it work? Glad you asked, let's break it down.

It's A Secret

Ha, that's right. I'm not really going to tell you all the details. Why? Cause I want the whole thing to have a bit of that “old school” RPG feel. Aka, we had no idea where anything was because the internet wasn't around yet.

It's like that, but WITH the internet involved. The main thing is that the whole metagame is taking from Swordsfall. So all the names, themes, ideas, and rules are straight from the Universe and RPG. If you're stuck on unlocking something, think about what it means in terms of the WORLD.


It all starts with this, the currency. Just like in Swordsfall there are four main currencies.

Sway, Respect, Experience, and Azurean.


Sway represents how much control you have over someone. How much you can push and pull them. How much you can….SWAY them. This doesn't mean any likes you (or dislikes you) just that for X reasons, you can move them to do actions.


Respect represents how people feel about you. Respect, as the saying goes, is earned. But once you have it, it truly can get you in doors and out of situations. However, that doesn't mean you have power over them, just because someone likes your character doesn't mean they'd do what you want.


Experience is the oldest currency of them all. It's something you get by doing things, or even having them done to you. Sometimes you gain experience whether you like it or not. Either way, there's always some method to turn that experience into something greater…

Your Balance

0 Azurean Chips
0 Respect
0 Sway
0 Experience Points

Day 1 Member

25 Azurean Chips

Some don't wait for something to be tried and true before they jump onboard. You, are one of those kinds of people. And Swordsfall is that thing.

I Know What's in the Box

20 Azurean Chips

What's in the box they asked. Madness, that's what. MADNESS.

1 Required Step

Apply for Citizenship

100 Experience Points

The application process to Tikor isn't a hard one, but it is complete. They say no one is turned away.

5 Required Steps

  • Log into the Website
  • Visit any Page
  • Update Your Avatar
  • Choose A Cover Image
  • Fill Out Your Profile

The Visitor

100 Experience Points

They say information is power. Well, you aim to be one of the most powerful around. This is the beginning of the road as you gather information.

1 Required Step

  • Visit the website Daily 50 Times (Limit 2 Per Day)

The Determined Visitor

250 Experience Points

The process of becoming a regular is a strange one, but it comes through repeated visits. Determined you are to make Tikor a home.

2 Required Steps

  1. Become a Vistor
  2. Daily Visit The Website 50 Times

Welcome Home

25 Experience Points

They say home is where the heart is. While we may not physically have your heart, we like to think we have your spiritual one.

1 Required Step

  • Settle into your new home

Certified Critic

50 Experience Points

Your time in town is always…interesting. But with each visit, you always find the time to leave a little note. Something for the next traveler to chew on.

1 Required Step

  • Review A Product

Just Doing My Part

150 Experience Points

Nothing worse than a new person in town that doesn't know how to fit in. Well, not YOU. You've figured out how things work around here.

2 Required Steps

  • Gather 5 Accolades
  • Daily visit the website 1 time

Take My Money

150 Experience Points

One day everything is fine and dandy, the next one some stranger rolls by and yells, “AFROPUNK!”. And well, now we're here.

1 Required Step

One of Everything Please

250 Experience Points

Sometimes it's hard to decide exactly which one you want. In that case, it's just better to get one of well….everything.

1 Required Step

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