Tikor’s Finest: Specialists

Yea, that’s right. That’s what we’re calling this cool, and strange element I’ve added to the website. If you haven’t noticed yet, there are BADGES now. And achievements.

- Tikor's Finest: Specialists

And more, so much more. So how does it work? Glad you asked, let’s break it down.

It’s A Secret

Ha, that’s right. I’m not really going to tell you all the details. Why? Cause I want the whole thing to have a bit of that “old school” RPG feel. Aka, we had no idea where anything was because the internet wasn’t around yet.

It’s like that, but WITH the internet involved. The main thing is that the whole metagame is taking from Swordsfall. So all the names, themes, ideas, and rules are straight from the Universe and RPG. If you’re stuck on unlocking something, think about what it means in terms of the WORLD.

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Tikor's Finest: Specialists 1


It all starts with this, the currency. Just like in Swordsfall there are four main currencies.

Sway, Respect, Experience, and Azurean.


Sway represents how much control you have over someone. How much you can push and pull them. How much you can….SWAY them. This doesn’t mean any likes you (or dislikes you) just that for X reasons, you can move them to do actions.

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Tikor's Finest: Specialists 2


Respect represents how people feel about you. Respect, as the saying goes, is earned. But once you have it, it truly can get you in doors and out of situations. However, that doesn’t mean you have power over them, just because someone likes your character doesn’t mean they’d do what you want.


Experience is the oldest currency of them all. It’s something you get by doing things, or even having them done to you. Sometimes you gain experience whether you like it or not. Either way, there’s always some method to turn that experience into something greater…

Spear Half Left - Tikor's Finest: Specialists

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