Dice Results

Don’t be intimidated by The Result Chart (page 6)! It’s actually quite easy to figure out the results of a dice roll. The first thing you have to remember is that there’s more to the results than a binary success or failure. And THAT’S where the fun is with Summit of Kings.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the results are fairly similar across both the Positive and Negative Dice. Rolling a 1 on any die gets you nothing. Rolling the highest number on any of the dice is TWO success or failure (except Complication Dice, that’s mainly because I felt like a double failure went too far for it in theme, and especially when coupled with the rest of the negative dice).

So while it is a bit different at first, you’ll quickly get used to knowing a 4 is great on Positive Dice and bad on Negative Dice. As well the Positive and Negative dice are mirrors of each other (again, exception of Complication), so that makes it very easy and symmetric.

Also, as said earlier in this course, you do NOT have to roll the two pools together. I recommend that you roll your Positive Dice Pool and tally up your number of Successes and Advantages. Then roll your Negative Dice Pool with the same dice just changed to whatever correct number you need. Then tally your Failures and Disadvantages.

Subtract your Failures from your Successes…and that’s it! Disadvantages and Advantages do NOT cancel out each other. They are separate circumstances. Now if a table wants to subtract them for time’s sake, then Table Rules always win. Just remember that the power of the system comes from using Advantages and Disadvantages. Your success is for the overall outcome of the action (you deliver a rap), but it’s all about the fun extra stuff that happens because of it!

If you roll a 12 and get a Divine Favour and/or Crisis, that’s the moment where your character is in the spotlight. If its a Divine Favour then your character just pulled off that flawless kind of action that leaves people amazed. It’s a Super Advantage in a way, so you can get really creative with it. And of course, the opposite happens with a Crisis. Really, really bad things happen. The kind of effects that might even leave a lasting impression on a character.