Using Disadvantages

Disadvantages, however, aren’t quite as fun to act out, especially for the player. By default, a disadvantage is using played out or decided by the GM. The goal isn’t to make the player fail, but to make them deal with the fallout form their actions.

As well, the GM and player can come to an agreement as to the Disadvantage, as once again it’s not a punishment but a part of the outcome. Insulting someone indirectly because of something you said. There’s a bit of “accidental outcomes” when it comes to Disadvantages.

Whether or not an enemy gains a luck die, or whether its thematic is up to the GM. Though I always recommend making it about something to the current situation at home. Something that adds VALUE to not only the party but the players. A Disadvantage that provides a hilarious moment for the group is just as valid as taking away 2 Ether from a player.