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Into the Tapestry

Time for some lore via World Anvil! This time we talk about the illustrious profession, Dreamweavers!

- World Anvil | Dreamweaver

The dreams of those on Tikor are more than just random mental projections. An order of Diviners protects the connected landscape of slumber for a greater purpose.

Here’s a sample…


The See’er of old would tell a bedtime story to their children to help them sleep soundly at night. In the story, there is a kindly old man who can save them from their bad dreams. He comes to the children in the night and whisks away their nightmares, turning their night terrors into pleasant dreams. He became known as The Old Whisper, a reference to the way the gentle old man would appear accompanied by a soft whispering sound.

His words were always indecipherable in these dreams, but his intent and feelings were clear. He was there to help. The grandfather-like figure served to guide young ones through their turbulent slumber. The tale of The Old Whisper is one of the few common tales that can be found all across the world, no matter the culture or nation.


As the practice of Hekan began to spread, so did the human imagination. The golden tales of The Old Whisper caught the attention of one early diviner, Andromeda. They believed the tales of an old man that could tend to the dreams of the troubled, and over several years they worked on using divination to peek into the essence of dreams.

Until that time, dreams were largely thought of as simple figments of the imagination with no greater significance than being a needed release from the thoughts racing through the human mind. Andromeda was convinced that there was more to the nature of dreams and spent years divining into their dreams. After endlessly searching for meaning in the signs they found and looking for ways to unlock the mysteries of the mind, they found far more than they expected.


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    1. Not always. Xavian isn’t at fault for EVERYTHING bad that happens. There are other evil forces floating around. Just none are as powerful as Xavian.

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