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Lyrically Divine

A Jalen is the voice of the people. Armed with the Power of Word, they keep the stories that are never told. Bringing light to things that would normally never have seen the light of day.

- World Anvil | Jalen

With the upcoming release of Summit of Kings, I figured fans and potential players might like a little deeper dive into the lore. Where does the Jalen fit into the landscape of Tikor?

Excerpt from World Anvil


The core of the power that spawns the Power of Word is rebellion. Not always in a way that leads to marches, though it does happen, its about questioning the status quo. Jalen’s use there ether infused words to bring to life stories. Not just any stories but the stories of people who may not be heard. Be it because of poverty, sickness or simple neglect. The need to express something that may not have been said is the fuel that powers the Power of Word. And something that not only defines the profession but fuels its powers. They say at the heart of every Jalen is a rebel, and it’s something they’re proud of.

For more lore head over to World Anvil! And for Summit of Kings I’ll see you on February 18th!

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