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Protection by Skin

The tattooed guardians that protect the Crystal Priest and guard the Independent Freeland of Teslan. Read the lore article on these unique guardians.

- World Anvil | Sentrylocks

The official profession article on Sentrylocks is here! What are the inked protectors of Teslan like?

Here’s an excerpt from World Anvil.

Molding Azurean is perhaps one of the most valuable skills on Tikor, and one reserved only to those with a unique genetic quirk. When the world first discovered that the deadly mineral was actually usable, things changed drastically. Azurean brought with it a new age of technology and wonder, and with it the new profession of Crystal Priests dedicated to utilizing its potential. Led by the Druse Academy, an organization that owns and runs The Independent Freeland of Teslan, the crystal priests were mostly kept in order.

That would change as the technology became more ingrained in society and the need for it grew. Where once the system of Crystal Priests choosing their patron countries seemed wise free, gradually it seemed that it opened them up to corruption or worse. Over time, some organizations and even nations had enacted plots to kidnap Crystal Priest when their numbers were insufficient for their needs. As Azurean devices became more prevalent and began to be used by criminal organizations, the number of these kidnappings inflated.

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