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World Anvil | The 30/30 Curse

30 Seconds. 30 Years

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You pick up an item and a spirit calls to you. You have 30 seconds to decide your wish. And live with it for 30 years. Will you make the right choice?

The 30/30 is a unique curse I created during World Anvil’s World Ember event. It’s a simple story really. You encounter a Jinn and they give you 30 seconds to make a wish. Will you make it in time or will it become your curse?

I’ve always been a fan of Jinn, the more accurate versions. So I wanted to incorporate more of their personality and how they are beings themselves with choices.

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From World Anvil

Like most things with Jinn, how a person ends up in their crosshairs is known only to them. For humans or animals, the reasoning is often painfully vague. Jinn have always had a dualistic nature that can make them friend or foe, sometimes both.

The peculiar nature of the 30/30 curse is perhaps the most perfect example of this. For some its a random chance meeting that brought them untold fortunes. For others, it’s a curse that stumbled across their way one day and has plagued there life every since. The true summary of a Jinn.

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