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Tikor’s Lore | The Divine Order of the Phoenix

The Rulers of Garuda

Story Highlights
  • One of the Major Powers of Tikor

A singular organization rules the vast land of Garuda. With their mandate from the Divinity themselves, the Divine Order of the Phoenix seeks to hold the land together.

- Tikor's Lore | The Divine Order of the Phoenix


Ishvana’s first creations on Tikor were the Elementals, the core fabric of the world. Her second set of creations were the original deities, beings of immense power. Not quite in the magnitude of her power, they were able to create life, but not on the scale of Ishvana. One of these original gods was the Great Phoenix, Garuyda.

Legends say that Ishvana created an egg that upon hatching would become the protector of the land. She gave the egg to her elementals in the hopes of it being as connected to the land as they were.

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The planetary spirits sat the egg in the heart of the largest volcano in the land. When the egg cracked, a roaring bird of flame and desire came bursting forth. Garuyda, the Great Phoenix was born and her wings shimmered across the land.

Her bond with the land was so vibrant that naming the land after the fiery bird was all too natural. This resonated in not only the Karu but the land that embraced their sovereign god.


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