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Many animals live on Tikor, but one stands out among them. Simply due to the cute factor. Time for some World Anvil lore on the pink dinosaur.

After Wayne Spencer drew the amazing Tritop in his Drift of Dreams sample it was an instant classic. Everyone wants to know more about the adorable little pink dinosaurs! Well, I wrote up a World Anvil article about Tritops! It was fun imaging dinosaurs in a modern time, thinking about how they’d evolve and having fun with it.

A baby Tritop
A Baby Tritop. Art by Wayne Spencer/Swordsfall Studios

Excerpt from World Anvil

Just like humans, animals arrived on Tikor in a variety of ways, each species arising randomly over a long period of time. Some animals have been here since before humans had records. These animals are called Primordials, and they are the most ancient of living animals on Tikor. Where they come from is generally a mystery by humans. Even the friendliest of the animal kingdoms have mysterious origins. One of the most recognizable Primordials is the pink-hued animal known as Tritops. The Karu have tales of the horned pink animal that go back thousands of years. Unlike many cultures, The Karu have built a bond with their neighboring ancient ones. Whether because of their large size or their powerful horns, Tritops operate with a sense of confidence most Primordial animals don’t possess.

If you like the excerpt then head to World Anvil for the full lore!

Head to World Anvil for Tritop Lore!


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